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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last thought of the day

It's 11:27 p.m. as I begin to type this... I'm trying to get my mind to rest and my body to relax. Among the thoughts that I'm acknowledging and those that I am avoiding there is something in the back brewing. Considering.

Knowing someone who lives without logic, speaks without thinking and has the reasoning of a child can be a drain on the body's system. People who incite arguments and not solutions; who double talk and are purposefully confusing; who are two faced and go behind your back spouting dramatic exaggerations should be considered enemies. Ever putting my trust in people like that will ultimately bite me in the butt - again and again.

I must remember my thoughts so that I will never again trust the uncouth nature of an individual who has reeked of jealousy, control, violence and irrational behavior. Inconsideration, selfishness and immaturity. One who blames, justifies and exhibits hypocritical behavior.

The result: I must protect myself.
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