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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just in time

I have a friend who collects nice watches. He can tell you designer names, prices, details and all kinds of things that make a quality timepiece. From what he's told me, I now look at watches in a different manner and have been admiring some nice ones in department store cases and jewelry stores.

It was one of the things I considered getting Amber (my oldest daughter) when she graduated from high school recently. I noticed that she admires a certain type of watch and thought it would be a nice gift. I wasn't able to get one, but I have since seen a few Bulova Watches at that I think she'll like. One is the Bulova Ladies Stainless Steel watch with a light blue dial (the one pictured here).

This is just the type of watch that is easy to dress up or down. My daughter could wear it with jeans, a sundress or business attire. There were quite a few other nice choices like the Ladies Quest Mother of Pearl Dial Strap with diamond markers, which you can get with a black, pink or white bad. Now, that's what I call a diverse watch that can perfectly accentuate any outfit.

If you have an occasion approaching like a graduation, birthday or even as a gift to someone who enjoys quality timepieces then shop at They have a myriad of choices for anyone on your gift list.
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