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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I need GPS

After my three younger children were off for the weekend with their dad, I gathered up my things to head to Warner Robins. It's where Amber's godfather - and my best friend - lives. Today, we're going to Amber's college to celebrate her 18th birthday, which was Tuesday.

Between where I live and Warner Robins there's normally a quite a bit of traffic especially on a Friday night. So being the adventurist person that I am I decided to get directions avoiding the highway. No problem. The travel time wasn't much different especially if you account for the possibility of getting caught in traffic.

As I'm riding I feel pretty pleased with my choice. There are restaurants, lots of cars and bunches to look at it. A much more interesting route than the normal one.

This is what I ended up in on my way back during my last trip down here.

I felt that way until my four-lane highway narrowed into the two lanes of country road. SIGH... and all of a sudden I was in Maryland. (That's what I say every time I travel on a country road that reminds me of home and I start to see livestock and corn stalks.)

I was making pretty good time until I got caught behind a slow-moving pickup truck. I tapped into my zen and decided not to make a big deal about it. Unfortunately, I was so zen-like that I lost track of time, location and everything. I glanced at my directions, misread them and called my MD BFF (what was the right acronym again?) Frankie and he mapped me out.

Before he could get my location confirmed, we had to disconnect 'cause the trees were blocking my signal. When I finally talked to him again - after I had already turned around and wasted more time - he told me that I hadn't gone far enough. Extra big SIGH.

Oh well, onward and downward. Heading south, ya know?

Now had I had a GPS thingy this wouldn't have happened. I could have popped back from my zen state, consulted the high-tech screen and nary a moment would have been wasted.

An-t-way, I arrived safely, watched a movie with my feet propped up and tossed and turned through a night of foggy sleep and weird dreams. Now all we have to do is pick up Amber's cake (ssshhh... don't tell her.) and boogie on over to her campus in the early evening to take her to dinner.
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