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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bug OFF - product review

Throughout the entire winter I normally complain about being cold. I always "can't wait" until the warmer weather arrives then when it finally gets here I start to complain about the bugs that come with it. Especially the mosquitoes.

That's why I was really excited when I had the chance to review the OFF!® Clip-on™ Mosquito Repellent and the OFF!® PowerPad Lamp. It was several weekends ago, Memorial Day if I remember correctly, and I took the products with us when we went over a friend's house for a cookout.

Out of my four children, three are allergic to mosquito bites and get giant-sized bumps from the bites. I especially don't like my youngest and middle daughters getting bit because they scratch like crazy and leave scars all over themselves.

After we had enjoyed the food, my four children along with the teenager's boyfriend and his twin sisters went outside. They took the PowerPad Lamp with them and one of the twins attached the Clip-On to her shorts. About an hour later myself and our hostess, Michelle, went outside to see what the children were up to. And I wanted to see how the OFF!® products were working.

I explained to Michelle that I am a BzzAgent and I get the chance to review products in exchange for creating a little buzz about them. I told her how the OFF!® PowerPad Lamp is great for hanging outside because all you have to do is light the candle and the heat activates the repellent pad covering an area of about 15' x 15'. (For that size area you would need about 15 Citronella buckets.)

We stood within the area so I could see if the PowerPad was working and I didn't get bitten once! It was a muggy day and it had rained the night before so the grass was a little damp and it was late evening. Prime time when mosquitoes are normally out. I always get bit by mosquitoes so I was really impressed.

Later on that day, right before we were about to leave, the twin came to give me the Clip-On™ and said, "It really works."

The thing I like about these OFF!® products is that there is absolutely no odor. And another plus is the price: The clip-on start pack is about $9 and it comes with one repellent fan unit, a refill disk and two AA batteries. The lamp start kit is about $9.50 and it includes the lamp, a repellent pad and a candle. The refill packs for both are also very economical.

I've never used a mosquito repellent that I would recommend to anyone until I tried the OFF!® Clip-On™ and the PowerPad Lamp. They're definitely a great addition to summer-time fun.

product review
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