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Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's your favorite ringtone?

Every time I hear someone else’s cell phone ring and they have the ringtone of a song I’ve heard before or that I like, I always want to get my own of one of my favorite songs. The problem is that each time I try to get one I can never find a site that has what I’m looking for, that is easy to use or that is available for the mobile service that I have.

Ringtones-direct has a wide selection of ringtones that are easy to search for and listen to in order to decide if you want to get it. There’s a list of top artists, which is good when you want to do a quick search.

The only downside for me right now is when I tried to get a ringtone a message appeared that they currently only supply to the UK. It will be good when it’s available for me because I’m quite excited to have found a site that seems easy to use with so many options. What’s available? There’s real music, true tones, polyphonic and mono ringtones. You can also search by phone manufacturer, which is a great way to make sure that the tune you want is available for you. Besides just searching for your favorite tunes, there are other features available on the site. You can search for graphics like logos and picture messages as well as action including themes, videos and java games.

What type of ringtones do you have on your phone? Although most of my ringtones are polyphonic, I prefer real music. Tell me which type of ringtone you prefer on your phone. If you don’t have what you want then tell me what you’d like to have. Then take a minute to check out Ringtones-direct to see what they have to offer.
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