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Friday, May 22, 2009

Trip around the world

Today I had the pleasure of going on a little trip around the world. The school my two middle children attend had international day at their main location (the county's headstart program), and each class was assigned a country.

The children dressed up and carried items to represent their country: Andre's class did a superb job representing Haiti and Amareah's class was excellent as China. The children from each class, about 20 or so classes from three locations, paraded in front of family, friends and supporters. Other countries represented were Columbia and Japan. Unfortunately, I couldn't see everything from where I was standing and I was trying to help keep the children together.

Everyone kept telling Miss Amareah how beautiful she was. The robe she's wearing (which, actually is from Korea, if I remember correctly) belonged to my oldest daughter when she was that age. Her godfather had robes made for us while he was stationed there.

I thought Andre looked so cute in his straw hat and jean shorts. That's the first time he's worn a "wife beater" t-shirt and he thought it was so cool.

That's Andre's assistant teacher... She's really sweet and always looks after him.

That's a good portion of the class. ... Not everyone made it. See my beautiful baby all the way on the right?

They also had a stilt walker (I'm not sure of the exact name). Amareah was so enthralled by him that she asked a million questions and I looked it up on the Internet when we got home so she could see more of them. This stilt dancer was very entertaining and talented.

There was music, vendors and food. It was a busy, fun day keeping the children together, making sure they were dressed, directing them to use the bathroom, handing out snacks, answering questions, taking pictures, serving lunch and assisting the teachers. I was so worn out from my "trip" that when I got home I laid down to rest and ended up taking a nap.

I am so glad and blessed that I am able to participate in things like this with my children, but - honestly - taking a trip around the world is extremely tiring. Most importantly, the children enjoyed themselves and they learned quite a bit today.

How was your day?
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