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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stubborn lil potty trainer - update & product review

As a parent there are times when our children get the best of us, and although we shouldn't we sometimes give in. Potty training is not one of those times, but it seems like my baby is winning the battle.

I'm sure you remember when I told you about potty training my youngest child - my fourth! This little angel is the one that makes me think I've never been a mom before. She's stubborn, opinionated, determined as well as smart, funny and sweet... she's a few days shy of 2 and she isn't potty trained.

I originally started potty training her the same way I had trained my second and third children. It's the way that my daycare provider supported me in and between the two of us (well, three of us with their father), we were able to have potty training success. Right now, I am no where near success.

Even with the chance to test out the Baby Signs® Potty Training Complete Starter Kit, I still haven't been doing a good job. The kit comes with A Parent's Guide to Potty Training Made Easy with the Baby Signs® Program, the All Aboard the Potty Train DVD, All Aboard the Potty Train Lift-the-Flap Book, Job Well Done! Stickers and the All Aboard the Potty Train Conductor's Whistle.

Like I did with the other children, I began by keeping track of when Anna was using the bathroom and started putting her on the potty at those times, which is right in line with what it says in Chapter 2 - Laying the Tracks - of the book, "Discover your baby's signals and schedule of elimination." Little Miss Anna in all of her stubbornness and detective-like activities, deliberately changes her potty time and that ultimately results in my inconsistency.

Consistency is key. "...parents do need to be consistent and take the lead in establishing a regular routine that includes potty time - starting around 12 months of age," said Linda Easton who summarized the Baby Signs material for me. Easton is Baby Signs Director of Product Development and explained, "Some people think that if you take the lead like this, you might be pushing a child to do something he or she not ready to do. Dr. Acredolo* makes this analogy to help parents understand how "waiting" to start potty training doesn't make a lot of sense: She points out that because of our concern for our children's health, we start teaching babies at a very early age to wash their hands. Babies are getting a lot of help at first, but eventually, they learn to do more and more of the hand-washing routine independently. We don't wait until children are ready - or more importantly - interested in washing their hands before we start teaching them. We just treat it as a part of everyday life."

*Dr. Linda Acredolo and Dr. Susan Goodwyn are the founders of the Baby Signs® program, which is the leading sign language program for hearing babies. They are developmental psychologists who brought their program to potty training and have discovered that it's possible to start and finish potty training before age 2.

Anna loves everything about the program. She enjoys watching the DVD over and over and asks for it almost everyday, she has fun reading the book again and again (notice how she's intently reading and making the choo choo sound), and the sound of the whistle makes her laugh, clap and jump. She even knows the signs.

And still no luck. Now, I'm not going to give up, but I must admit that I'm waiting for life to slow down a bit so that I can be extra consistent. It could be because Anna isn't home with me during the day and that's causing the delay with the program working for us. It could also be because she's away from me every other weekend. Whatever it is, I need to figure it out soon because not only is buying diapers expensive, but I don't want her to be the only child in kindergarten that's not potty trained.

Okay, it's late and my imagination is running away again. :)

Overall, believe it or not, I am extremely impressed with the Baby Signs® program. Anna is enthralled with it and as long as I can get my act together she should be potty trained any day now. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed.

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  2. Blessings, I trust all is well.

    At number 4 I will call you an expert at potty training since you have 3 children prior and a world of experience by your fourth, now I am wondering why it seem like you have opt to disregard all your knowledges in favor of some kit etc?

    You seem to be a fabulous parent, now while one has to keep an open to other ideas/ways/appoarches one also has to be mindful not to dismiss authentic knowledges and experiences that comes from years of performing said tasks.

    As a parent (as I am sure you are award) each child is different and you have to taylor the training to the personality/character in order to optimize & maximize on your efforts.

    Well thats my $1.00 worth. smooches and have a fabulous weekend

  3. Oh dear, I do wish you luck and I will keep my fingers crossed for you and baby girl. She's got the upper hand and she knows it, somewhere deep inside that cute little head of hers. Kids! Boy, they're amazing.

    I have no elderly wisdom to pass on because Jordyn potty trained herself at 16 or 18 months because she wanted (get this now) bikini panties.

    Good luck finding what will work with her, you'll make it happen. You're a great mother!

  4. Good luck!!!

    With Kira, I let her run around bare bottomed. I've tried that with Risa, and it works to an extent, but she likes to bend over and watch herself pee on the floor - so the whole bare bottom thing for her can't be unsupervised...

  5. 2 years old and not trained, nothing to worry about yet.
    My boy was 6 and I went cold turkey for 2 years… No nappies /diapers!.2 years is a long and tedious toilet training process!!

    Most kids are trained by 3. Due to my sons problems I found out some interesting facts from occupational therapist and martial child care workers. I have been told that most children's muscles are not fully developed for toilet training until the have been walking for approx, at least 12 months.

    Good luck I hope your strategy works. I have my fingers crossed.

  6. I'm right there with you! My daughter turned two in February and has no interest whatsoever in using the potty. She still won't tell me when she is about to go, or if her diaper is wet for that matter. I'm just taking it slow. It seems the more I push the issue, the more afraid of the potty she gets. While it is expensive, it's not worth the me, lol.


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