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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Special dress for a special day

Now that the day is almost here, I feel like it came pretty quickly: My oldest daughter's graduation from high school.

She has her cap and gown. She has ordered her yearbook. She has almost everything she needs for the prom. She's finishing up final projects. Finalizing plans for the summer. So, we have thought about or planned for just about everything.

However there's one thing that we have not figured out yet. With family and friends coming in to celebrate the day with her, we have not decided on what to wear. Sure she'll have on a cap and gown, but I know my daughter and she'll want something special to wear for the day.

Then there's me. I have absolutely nothing in my closet that I think is appropriate for the mom of the graduate. Okay, I'll revise that and say: I probably do have something that's appropriate, but I really would like to get a cute little summer dress that's cool, comfortable and appropriate.

Ami Clubwear offers a few dresses that would be a good fit for the occasion and their prices are pretty fair. The dress pictures above, a green multi-colored maxi dress with beaded straps, exhibits some of my personality and is perfect for a hot summer day. Since the graduation is indoors, a light sweater thrown around my shoulders would be a good pick and then I would feel comfortable moving through my day for the rest of the day's activities.

Whether you're looking for the perfect dress like I am or need some other type of clothing for a special occasion this may just be the site for you.

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