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Friday, May 29, 2009

Sisters and their shoes

With three out of four of my children being girls there are always some girl's shoes lying around and I have a hard time keeping up. This morning after I had gotten my youngest daughter dressed in a cute little summer outfit, I went to her closet to get out her shoes. Although she has several pairs, there wasn't anything that I was too thrilled about her wearing and also discovered that her feet had grown a little.

With a daughter only two years older than she is I went to my girls shoes stash in my closet to see what I could find. Not only did I find a few boxes of girls shoes, but I think I pulled out more than eight pairs of shoes that she can use between now and the time she grows some more. Of the shoes she can wear now and in the near future, there were a shiny, red pair of ballet slippers, several pairs of sneakers (one really cute pair that I hope she grows into soon), a pair of boots, a cute pair of black dress shoes and a dark pink pair of sandals similar to the ones her older sister had on at that moment.

Even though they were a little too big, I let her wear the sandals. It was cute to see my 2-year-old and 4-year-old daughters looking from their shoes to their faces as they noticed their shoes are alike. It's at that moment that I realized my 4 year old needed some more shoes - it was the tips of her toes touching the edge of the sandal that clued me in.

I did a little inventory and noticed that she has almost outgrown all the shoes that she has so it'll be fun to go shopping for some more girls shoes. This time when I shop (maybe I'll even take her with me) I will keep in mind that the majority of the shoes will be passed down to her younger sibling and try to get some that are top quality, easy to clean and that have a timeless style.
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