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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No party for the birthday girl

Today is my sweet little girl's, my youngest daughter's, second birthday. But our plans for today aren't going to go off quite like I thought. She started with a runny nose on Friday, which persisted all weekend. Then yesterday (belated Happy Memorial Day to everyone) after spending the day playing, eating and enjoying herself at our friend's home, we came home and she started to cough.

Her cough turned to a fever and persisted all night long despite the fever-reducing medication. She was drowsy and quiet this morning, and after all the other children left for the day I laid her in her crib for a rest. She didn't resist and eventually fell asleep. The fever wained during her sleep and finally abated around noon today.

She still has an appointment appointment for this afternoon just to make sure, and to determine what is best for her since she still has a cough. Luckily, as you can see below, she has cheered up and was quite talkative this afternoon.

The plans for a birthday party with her friends at her daycare provider will have to be put off, but her siblings and I will surprise her with ladybug cupcakes tonight to celebrate the big day.

I'll come back later to share some pictures. Right now we have to get prepared to pickup Andre and Amareah from school, and track down her big sister to watch them while we go to the doctor's office.

In the meantime, I'll be tracking down my Lysol or Oust to spray around in the hopes of thwarting the cold that is trying to attack me. My throat has been hurting since Friday and I hope we aren't going to pass this cold or virus around. Amber's high school graduation is this week and I don't want to risk anyone else being sick.

Hopefully you'll see me around... have a great week!
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