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Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday's Muse: Inspired by jewerly

My mind has been so clogged lately with my pending divorce, communications with my ex, taking care of my home and children, making money and my writing as well as getting Amber into and ready for college that I'm not sure I have any creativity in me. But, as I think about it, there are two bracelet sets that I purchased over the weekend that are going to be my creative fuel this week.

Here's what happened: Amber received a $10 off any purchase of $10 or more from Kohl's. Now, since we are super saving divas we went in search of something for just $10, which means free loot. Amber found two tees for $4.99 each and, of course, we just had to pay tax, which was less than $1.

There was quite a long line in Kohl's so as Amber waited I wandered around the jewelry counter drooling over all of the rings, bracelets and watches that I want. Good thing they were in the glass case because I'm sure a little bit of spittle would have gotten on those fine items. At the back of the counter were some shelves that had clearance items on them.

"Ut oh," I thought. "I should walk away now."

I found two beaded bracelets and rings for $8 each (original price = $20) and took them up to the counter to show Amber and have her decide which one I should get. As I'm looking them over I notice that they're $4 each and I held myself back from jumping up and down.

Amber had told me to get the set that was for "Tranquility & Peace" because, according to her, that's what I need. I wanted to get "Creativity & Joy" because I need that too. Well, at $4 per set I was able to get both of them.

These sets, which are from axcess - a liz claiborne company, are called Power Sets. The "honey jade" color is said to bring "Tranquility & Peace" and the "carnelian" color enhances creativity while the butterfly is a joyful symbol of metamorphosis. I'll continue to wear both as often as I can to help me keep in mind that I have tranquility and peace even during the hurtful and confusing time of divorce and chaos of everyday life. While I am calm my creativity and joy can take over to help with making money, writing and taking care of my children.

Thanks to Maternal Spark for always getting me to think more about what's going on with me and coming up with comforting and doable solutions. She often sparks my creativity and fuels my muse. :)
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