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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just me & my son

Today my teen daughter took her 4-year-old sister with her as she ran some errands so they could "do girl stuff" together. On the way back she stopped to get the toddler. To say that my son was unhappy that he was being left behind was an understatement, but the promise of watching a VHS movie in the office while I worked cheered him up.

In between working and his watching the movie I put in laundry, started and finished dinner and talked to him off and on. Then after I was finished writing I asked him, "Do you want to go ahead and have dinner?"

"No, I want to wait 'til they come back."

"Do you want to have dinner with mommy?"

To see the joy and light come into his eyes and face was music in my heart. After the dinner was ready he sat at the table with me and we talked. He told me about school, what a friend did, asked me a few questions and I asked him a few:

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"A daddy," was his first answer.

I thought that was so sweet. He said he also likes "cooking lunch" and something else I've already forgotten in the midst of the noise that the girls brought home with them. :)

After we were finished eating I asked him if he enjoyed having dinner with mommy and he said yes. I told him it was nice being able to talk to him one on one and that we'd have to do it more often.

What I learned about today's mother/son time was that I really enjoy having my children one on one. I'm not as good at the chaotic, multiple conversations that go on... well, "not good" may not be the right phrasing. But, I think all of you moms know what I mean.

When is the last time you spent one on one time with your child?
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