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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just call me Peaches

An old disabled veteran walked pass me today and said, "If you were a fruit, your name would be Peaches." I smiled politely as he hobbled away.

As I drove away in my car, I heard someone yell, "Peaches!" I looked over and saw the old man waving. And I chuckled.

I thought how cute, I have a nickname. Then, later, I got to thinking a little about that: 'What was he trying to say? Should I start dancing?' I mean I was dressed conservatively in jean capris and a black shirt with wedged sandals so I don't think he was saying that. I dismissed the thought and went about my day.

When I sat down to tell you about it I did a search on peaches to find some pictures. There were only a few pictures of the actual fruit, nothing kind of cute and the rest were pictures of ladies scantily clad.

Hmmm... Just call me Peaches? I think not.
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