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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Holding at 164

My health and weight loss journal

After many months of weighing myself daily and then once a week, I have finally started weighing myself periodically. I judge by the way my pants fit to determine if I've gained some weight and everything seems to be fitting about the same.

Just to make sure I stepped on the scale today. Now, normally I get on the scale in the morning, but I forgot and did it when I thought of it this afternoon. It said 164 pounds.

Yup, the same weight it said last time.

I'm not going to complain because as usual I haven't been exercising and, to make matters worse, my exercise bike has died. Yup, just up and died.

So me and my calorie counting will keep going and if I get any exercise energy you'll be the first to know. I'm not going to mention that I've been admonished by two doctors so far to make exercise a regular part of my life... And I'm not going to mention that I just don't want to. ... Then there's the part about me starting yoga yesterday and only getting 15 minutes into it before I stopped. Nope, I'm not even going to mention any of that.

Health wise nothing much has changed (same fibro pain and whatnot), but I did find out that I may be eligible for disability through the Veteran's Administration and I have some upcoming appointments for some other issues that are going on. Hopefully it's nothing serious just the trials and tribulations of approaching middle age. LOL... hey! Ten years away is approaching!

I hope all is well with you... if you've been working on weight loss then leave me a comment and let me know how you're doing. Or just say hello. :)
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