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Monday, May 4, 2009

Bridal gown

It seems odd to write about this in this midst of a pending divorce, but I was thinking about my wedding dress just the other day. I thought my dress was perfect and beautiful in every way. It had a sheer, long sleeved overcoat with sparkling crystals that I was able to wear over the strapless bodice during the service. And during the reception I removed the overcoat to reveal the bodice and skirt of my dress, which was also accented with crystals.

I tried selling the dress to make some extra money, but I didn't get any buyers. The dress was in my closet when I saw a "wanted" post on A young lady was asking if anyone had a dress they could donate for her wedding because she really needed it. I sent her pictures of the dress and she decided to use it.

There are a few places where new brides can find best bridal prices, but I was happy to help her out on her special day. She said she would send pictures and let me know how her day went. I haven't heard from her, but I hope her wedding day and her marriage are magical.
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