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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday girl

My little Miss Anna was a trooper today. Even though she was tired, coughing and not feeling well she was a good girl. I took her to the doctor this afternoon and found out that she has an ear infection in her right ear. She's had a few this year and the doctor said that when she gets a cold or her sinuses are acting up the fluid is draining into her ear canal. This happens especially because she normally lays on her back while sleeping.

What makes this a little worrisome to me is that Anna has quite a high tolerance for pain. She doesn't normally pull or dig at her ears so it takes a fever to clue me in that something is really going on besides just a cold or sinuses. The decongestant wasn't really working to dry her sinuses out so I think that's what caused the continual drainage of fluid. I'll have to be sure to keep this at the front of my mind in the future.

... Now for more festive news...

Anna did not miss out on her "plan B" birthday activities. (I had originally planned on having her birthday party with her friends at the daycare provider's place.) Her big sister made cupcakes for her and all four of the children (as well as myself) thoroughly enjoyed them.

I guess putting the letter A on them is kind of cheating since all of the children's names begin with an A. (I just thought about that. I think they turned out so cute. Each one was different ... sorry, I forgot to take a picture of all of them.
Anna really enjoyed hearing the Happy Birthday song sung to her by her siblings. I think they enjoyed singing to her just as much. It was quite a sight and sound to experience. :)

After several tries (by mommy and Anna) we finally got the candles blown out. See how Amareah is pursing her lips as well?

Despite the runny, stuffy nose, which caused Anna to drool she still managed to enjoy her cupcake. She didn't eat all of it, but I'm glad she had the experience.

There's nothing like a messy face to show extreme party satisfaction!

Happy Birthday my sweet baby! I hope you feel better soon.


  1. even though sick, she still look like she enjoyed it.

  2. Happy belated birthday....she is a gem and she looks like you....

  3. Happy Birthday. My son's birthday was just last week!

  4. Cool Happy Birthday Anna!!!! Glad she enjoyed!


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