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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who won the widget?

Not too long ago Jo (Life's Perfect Pictures) challenged us - her friends and readers - to pay it forward by doing something for a blogger or something in our community. I told you, in a previous post, that I already donate clothes and items to my local Goodwill as well as give away whatever we're not using to friends or fellow FreeCyclers.

The second thing I decided to do was give away premium ad/widget space here on my blog from April 13th to May 13th. Since I wasn't able to get online yesterday, I didn't have an opportunity to reveal who won the space. So I am doing that now. The winner's widget will run from today, April 14th to May 14th.

It was quite a difficult and long decision-making process. First, I had to implement a highly complicated drawing system and then input all of the entrants' information. After that the winner was randomly chosen.

I just gave myself a little chuckle because I actually kind of stole that little scenario (give or take) from Lin. What I actually did was swivel my chair to face my teenager who has a desk behind mine and I said, "Give me a number between one and five." She chose number four, which corresponded with...

guess who?

... LIN of Duck & Wheel with String!

It's pretty fabulous that Lin won the space because she's one of the best blogging friends that I have. She's creative, nice, caring and an absolute hoot. It's also pretty cool that she won because her widget is on my Entrecard today.

Congratulations Lin!
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