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Friday, April 10, 2009

Time to come clean... again

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I have good news! Remember when I told you about my addiction to bubble gum? Well, I am recovered. Seriously, I am.

Uh... however, over the past two weeks or so (read month), I've developed a new addiction. Remember that bag of peanuts you saw on my table recently? You can click the link if you don't remember. Well, I've kind of been eating them... non-stop... I ate half a bag in one day and finished the rest last night.

I'm sure you can imagine how many calories are in that 1/2 a bag, but they're so good. Absolutely delicious and I can't resist. Wait! Yes.I.can. I had decided not to buy anymore and to quit cold turkey, but my teenager went to the store and saw the bags on sale for $1 so she decided to treat me. Well, I couldn't be rude and not eat them, right?

Okay, that sounded like an addict.

Seriously, I can't promise this will be the last emotionally charged eating addiction, but I can promise to kick this one too. At least that was a somewhat healthy food albeit fatty. Hey, it was good fat, right?

That's neither here nor there. I'm kicking it. Today. By the way, if you stop by could you bring me some dark chocolate? I have a little craving. ;)

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