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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Simply Sunday...

The children were out for most of the afternoon yesterday and came home exhausted. They didn't start getting up today until after 8:30 so it was a wonderful, relaxing morning. I was able to read a little and then wander out after my 4-year-old daughter woke me up saying she was hungry.

Eventually they all gathered in the kitchen, we ate and relaxed some more. After a bit I convinced the teenager to go outside into our backyard and clean up a little. It gave the younger kids a chance to play. We climbed trees, threw balls, swung rackets, scaled fences (you know that happens when you combine balls with kids) and cleaned off the deck.

Sorry I don't have any pictures, but we were looking absolutely bummy. My son had on printed pajama pants with a striped shirt, Amareah had on jogging pants with one of my t-shirts and Amber and I refused to be photographed in lounging clothes and crazy hair. The baby was the only one who looked appropriate for being outdoors. :)

I made chicken sandwiches for lunch and the kids went down for a nap. They are still knocked out and it's the perfect time to work on a book review that's due, but I'm goofing off a little watching television with the teenager, who is "doing homework," and surfing the net.

It's really time for them to get up from their nap, but there's something so extra enjoyable about a quiet Sunday afternoon. ... Well, that's my randomness for today. What are you up to?
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