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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Served, dazed, locked

I knew it was coming so I was not surprised. I was expecting it, but I was still dreading it. The sheriff served my divorce papers today. It's a little funny because I was pulling my van out of the driveway, on my way to the courthouse to find out if they'd been file, and to try and get a copy.

When I turned to see if the coast was clear a police car stopped in front of my house. Being the "smile around people" type of person, I popped out of my van and said, "Hey, I was just on my way to the courthouse to see about those."

He was very nice. Apologized for mispronouncing my name and recommended that I have my lawyer look at them right away.

Now don't take my flippant attitude for calm about this situation. As a matter of fact, I was in somewhat of a daze as I drove to Walmart to exchange an ink cartridge. (Yup, got the wrong one earlier.) I tried to call my BFF, but he wasn't available so I called the BF to let him know I'd been served.

Arriving at Walmart I jumped out of the van, slammed the door and immediately said, "Sh*t!" Unfortunately, my mouth seems to get dirtier by the day.

"What?" BF asked.

"I locked my keys in the car."

If I was in denial that my pending divorce wasn't bothering me; the reality smacked me right upside my head with a slam of the door. Lucky for me - and I am choosing my words carefully here - I was in a colorful area and knew that it would be a matter of finding the right person to help me.

I spotted them right away. Two young Walmart employees were gathering carts. I approached them and said, "Excuse me, I know this may sound weird, but do you know how to break into a car?"

"What type is it?" One asked.

Fifteen minutes later the keys were in my hands and my heroes went on about their day. Now, I must say, I will never complain about that Walmart again.
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