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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Neatly folded

It's no surprise that I'm not the biggest fan of doing laundry. I don't mind loading the clothes into the washer and dryer, but I absolutely detest putting them away. The worse items to fold and store are the blankets and sheets.

Now there's a product that is supposed to make the job of folding and putting sheets away a little easier. Styled Simple recently introduced the Fit & Fold, a "simple-to-use product" that is touted as making it easy to fold and apply your fitted sheets.

You're familiar with those dreaded fitted sheet, right? Although I find it fairly easy to get them turned into the correct direction and fitted onto the toddler beds, when it comes to my king-sized bed that's a different story. There have been times when I flipped the sheet several times trying to get it in the right direction and when I'm trying to put one away after doing the laundry I have trouble getting the corners tucked correctly or it folded to the right size or shape. And, let's not even talk about how bumpy it is.

That's where the Fit & Fold comes in for me. When I first tried this doohickey, I took it out of the box, read the directions and applied it to an old king-sized sheet that I use as a throw clothe. I knew if it was on a sheet that I use regularly then I wouldn't remove it to try it on another size. After a little trial and error I applied the two buttons with pull tags, the two buttons without pull tags and the four snaps that were labeled with the appropriate corner's name.

Once I got them all in place I attempted to fold my sheet. At first, it was a little difficult with the king-sized sheet because I thought I had to completely expand my arms to get the sheet smooth. I kept going and ended up with a nicely folded sheet.

Darn it, I thought, I should have put it on my favorite sheets. Moving it is no problem though IF you read the directions. I removed the snaps in the wrong order and couldn't get the two sets of underside snaps apart. This could have been because of the reduced strength in my hands, but you'll have to find that out for yourself.

My next "test subject" was a fitted toddler/crib sheet (above). Folding that sheet was a piece of cake. I was impressed with the folded result of both fitted sheets. After testing Fit & Fold on both sheets I wish that I had a set for each of my sheets: We use three crib/toddler bed, one full size and one king size sheets each week. I didn't like removing the Fit & Fold from the sheets to put them on another sheet because once it's folded you can't remove it without unfolding it.

Below you'll see the parts needed for each sheet. Notice the green snaps at the top of the picture? I hadn't gotten those apart yet when I took that. If you unhook the snaps before they're separated from the sheet then this won't happen.

All in all, I'd say the Fit & Fold is a great product to make one of those dreaded laundry tasks a little more pleasant. Just add $9.99 per set to your budget to make the task easier for you too.


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  1. Oh I hate folding fitted sheets! They usually end up looking like a big ball when I'm done with them. LOL


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