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Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday's Muse: Using stress as motivation

I am doing things a little differently today and having my BFF Frankie as a guest writer. I’ve been a little busy and when I instructed… uh, asked him if he would like to do it, he said yes. Enjoy.

Hello world! Petula has allowed me to write today’s Monday’s Muse. Where as I am a very amateur writer and a self-professed loser at miniature golf (I’m sure you remember her telling you about that day), I hope I don’t bring down the excellent writing of “It’s a woman’s world.”

Although I am not a woman, I know all about trying to find your muse. So today’s muse is stress! Yes, I said stress or, more importantly, overcoming stress.

Now this, my friends (can I call you all friends?), is not the type of muse we want to endure everyday and twice on Sunday. Stress is though a powerful force that at times unleashes the most wonderful of works. Like The Diary of Anne Frank, The Gettysburg Address and the total works of Paul Lawrence Dunbar. Even a book by your favorite author or celebrity often manifests after a great amount of stress producing something for fans to ingest.

Those things that pain us while we are in the midst of them, can fuel us once we steer clear. Also, that same stress molds our perception and separates us from the masses giving us the ability and even power to see the world just a little differently. And sometimes it gives us a story to tell.

Let me put this in terms of the chemical reaction: All reactions have a certain energy of activation (i.e., the energy it takes for that reaction to start). Kind of like a price to pay to get the reactants. If we think of our craft in the same way as the chemical reaction then stress is the price we pay to create or the energy of creation. You probably didn’t know I’m a chemist and I will talk science at a drop of the hat.

So, to be brief, I will say that we should embrace the hills we climb and try to harness the energies into something creative and useful. Or else what we go through will be only stress and would never lead to anything.

I hope these words give you some comfort as you deal with your valleys and inspire you to create in your times of calm. Peace and blessings, Frankie.
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