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Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday's Muse: It's what I see...

For my Monday's Muse on March 9th I wrote about realizing that my creativity branches out from the written word and my desire to show that through photography. Since that post I have continued to notice beauty around me and attempt to capture it on film... uh, to capture it digitally.

With photography, like mostly everything else that I do, I am impatient. I want to get a perfect picture the first time and move on. What I'm learning is that I often have to reposition, relocate, try again, try again and still try again. I don't always do that, but I haven't given up on trying. And, the best part is, I've found another creative outlet that pleases and entertains me. I also hope it gives you a little pleasure too.

Here are a couple of my most recent attempts:

I am completely enthralled with the sky. Although I've always noticed its beauty, there's something surreal about capturing it.

Each and every one of my children are beautiful and photogenic, but I am always amazed at how natural my son is. He and his oldest sister can throw on a model's face in a minute and without prompting. I love the colors in this shot.

What has you feeling creative this week? Share here or hop on over to Maternal Spark to participate in Monday's Muse.

See Jo, I'm well on my way to finding my favorite photo to put into the frame that you gave me. :)
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