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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mommy and baby need prayer

My friend Shaunalynn wrote a post yesterday asking for prayer for her friend Mindy who is 20 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.

This is what she said, "Last year, she gave birth to a son at 21 weeks and lost him an hour and a half after his birth. Yesterday at her doctor's visit, she learned that she is having problems with this pregnancy and may end up in the hospital before the weekend. There is concern that her cervix will give out again before the baby boy is ready to be born. Please, please pray for Michael, Mindy and Baby Micah."

Prayer is a powerful thing so let's pass this message around for others to join us in prayer for Mindy, Michael and the baby. Also, please take a moment to share this with your readers - we can form a prayer chain around the world.
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