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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

March for Babies

By Frankie

On Saturday, I participated in Prince Georges County’s March for Babies, which is the main fundraiser for the March of Dimes. As a lot of you know, the March of Dimes does research and funds programs to prevent and deal with premature births. I started walking when my fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, partnered with the walk and asked all the chapters to participate. However, even without the fraternity, I would still be involved because something like this hits close to home.

I was born three months early with a birth weight of about three pounds. That I was even born was a miracle because my mother had six pregnancies before me that ended in miscarriage. I survived. Due in large part to the work of organizations like the March of Dimes, and I will forever be thankful.

The walk went very well. I survived. I wasn’t dragged off into the woods of the park by some mythical creature. Don’t you hate it when that happens? The only thing I had to endure was strange looks as I walked for the six plus miles. Why the strange looks? The course was only a little over three miles, but in my email to my friends I told them if I reached 150 percent of my $500 goal then I would complete the course twice. Me and my big mouth! I thought I had set the goal high enough so that I’d exceed it without the extra work.

I guess I should have thought about it further. Because of my, uh, unique personality people get pleasure out of causing me to pay for certain moments of pride. One of my coworkers stopped by my desk on Friday and said that he only had $2 on him but he wanted to contribute the $2 just in case I was on the edge of having to do the extra walking. I passed my goal, but - honestly - I was happy to do the walk twice. I’m just glad I didn’t say I’d do something really embarrassing if I made it to 200 percent of my goal.

I took pictures each time I crossed the finish line as proof of my extra walking. This was my first crossing.
As far as my efforts, I raised $1,042 and my fraternity’s chapter raised over $12,000 this time. It was a good day. If you’d like to sponsor me, and it’s not too late, please visit my page on the March for Babies site. Other support, in regard to the March of Dimes, can be donated in little Maddie’s honor. If you recall, one of our own – blogger Heather and her husband Mike - lost their daughter Maddie on April 7th. The March for Maddie is being held Saturday, April 25th and it would mean a great deal if we, as a blogging family, can continue to raise money in this little sweetie’s honor.

Remember, it isn’t possible for us to help every charity or support every cause, but if we come together and choose those that we can support and believe in this world will be a much better place.
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