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Friday, April 24, 2009

Keeping it clean

When I lived alone it didn't take much effort to keep my living space clean. After moving from my mother's home, I lived in a small dorm room, which I had to keep clean. Then it was a military barracks that I was ordered to keep clean. When I became pregnant with my first child and got my first apartment, I kept it clean... well, except the dishes in the sink. I absolutely hate to do dishes.

So, over the years I've developed a few cleaning tricks that work for me. Now that I have four children and quadruple the amount of stuff to keep in place; having a system or trick is definitely necessary.

The one that works the best, and I know you've heard it before, is clean as you go. I am getting into the habit of taking something clean out of the laundry room and putting it away every time I go in with something dirty. I don't like putting the laundry away - it's such a daunting task - so, for me, cleaning as I go works wonders.

This works for simple things: When I take off clothes I put them exactly where they should go. When I come into the house I place my bag and any of my belongings in their designated area as well as put anything away I've purchased. Of course I slip up now and then, but keeping things in their place has reduced the amount of stress on myself and has saved me a lot of time.

One of the best things about keeping things straight is that it makes it easier to clean. And, this may sound weird, but I love cleaning products. When I hear about a new product, I always see if I can find it on sale and use a coupon to try it out. I would love to try the Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner after I win $5,000 towards a Multi-Surface Home Makeover (or one of 30 Pledge Prize Packs).

Thanks to the Parent Bloggers Network for letting us know about this great new product. Now, while you're thinking about it, pop on over to enter to win.
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