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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guess who's a part of the "It's a Woman's World" team?

Hello all. This is Petula's favorite loser (oh, I'm sorry) BFF Frankie. Petula has seen fit to make me a part of the blog team - an honor of which I am really proud. I don't believe I'd write for anyone else. Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and say a couple of things that I think should be said (and I'm the one to say it).

My name is Frankie. Actually that's not my name, but that's what Petula calls me. I am a chemist by training and trade. I have been Petula's friend for about 23 years. (Which is amazing 'cause Petula is so young and I am sooo old.) Uhhh... and I guess you'll find out other things as we go along.

In my humble opinion, Petula is a wonderful person, writer, mother, woman and, most of all, friend. She is sometimes hard on herself (aren't we all though?), but she is funny, insightful, caring and beautiful (inside and out). Those of us who frequently read "IAWW" already know this, don't we? So, if you are just passing by take it from me, it would be worth your while to come back, keep up, subscribe and please comment. Oh, if you need editing services then she's extremely good at that too. (Lord knows she gives me the business cause I'll mess up with the quickness.)

Just to let you know, Petula has NO idea I am posting this so I am interested in how quickly she'll notice this post and take it down. So as I said in my Monday's Muse post, I hope my writing doesn't bring down the quality too far and I hope you enjoy my interjections. I'm sure I will and I'm also sure I'll be in trouble a whole bunch.

Peace and blessings my new friends!

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