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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter egg hunt, park fun

Yesterday when my friend (and my children's wonderful daycare provider) found out I'd been moping around the house she invited - read ordered... LOL - me to the park with her and the children. Last night she called back to announce that we'd be having an Easter egg hunt.

I'm not going to spoil the fun by telling you how I grumbled and complained about going to the park and whatnot. Actually, the truth is, I really like hanging out with her and I knew it would be better than sitting here trying to force my brain to work.

Her teenagers went to the park ahead of time to hide the eggs, and the kids had a fabulous time. The two little ones - ages 1 and 2 - got a head start and loaded their canvas bag with the colorful eggs. Here's my little Anna asking me to help her get her egg into the bag.

A couple of the older children - ages 6, 5 and two 4 year olds - found eggs on the playground equipment. They were moving pretty quickly, but I caught Andre and Amareah at the top.

I have some very cute pictures of the other children, but since I don't have permission from their parents I thought I'd just tell you about them: Besides watching the activity of them finding the eggs; it was funny watching them discover the treats inside. There was chocolate candy, Starburst, Sweet Tarts, rubber insects and cute plastic rings.

They played, ran, ate lunch, slid, climbed and blew bubbles. They tried throwing the Frisbee, confiscated someone else's football, drew on the sidewalk with chalk and wrestled each other to the ground.

When it was all over I felt like we had been there all day, but it'd only been about two hours. (I think that's a sign of old age or something!) I enjoyed the time out of the house, chatting with my friend and taking in the fresh air and sun. I even had fun watching the children play... there's nothing like the joy on a child's face to make everything right with the world.

But boy am I tired!

Come back another day for more pictures of park fun.


  1. Good pictures! I am so glad you ended up having fun! To be honest, sometimes my camera makes it more fun for me! LOL!

  2. Glad you had a good time!!! You deserve some good days!!!

  3. Sometimes it is hard to get out the door and then you just have the best time! I'm glad you went and had a great time with the kids. Sounds so cute!

  4. I love your baby girl's pics!Sounds like you guys had a great time!


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