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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Deer oh deer

A couple of days while driving down the street (a two-way divided road with double lanes on each side) near my house a young deer ran tentatively into the street. She stopped in one lane, started to trot, turned around to return where she came from and then turned around again to proceed.

There were at least 10 cars in the area and we all slowed down trying to see what she was going to do. As soon as the truck closest to her started to pass she broke out in a run, you know the one I'm talking about - the leap of the deer. The truck sped up so she could get by and she disappeared into the woods.

Now, I'm a country girl so of course I expected to see more deer. I mean where was this little doe coming from all by herself? I thought about her for a moment and decided that I should blog about her (of course!). I turned onto a major boulevard and about five minutes up the road there was a mama deer dead on the side of the road.

My heart just broke. I am sure that the mama and the baby belong together especially since the baby looked so lost and scared. I felt so bad for her and hope that she finds her other family because it's unusual to see deer on that road in the middle of the day.

Sometimes I feel lost like that little deer... I wish I could go home to my mother and curl up on my bed in my own room. But I can't run away so I'll just finish this post and go run the bath water for my little deer.
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