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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chocolate treats

Most people know that if you want to butter me up and get on my good side then you will give me some dark chocolate especially when my sweet tooth hits. Although I am not that picky as far as the brand is concerned, Ghirardelli chocolates is on my list as one of my top two favorite choices.

When I found out that has Ghirardelli chocolates I was excited to have another resource to go to in order to get my fix of chocolate. And, of course, I had to spread the word to those who normally supply me with that fix.

If chocolate is not your thing then there are tons of other choices to indulge in. It is a one-stop shop for sweets and treats (including Bubblicious, Dubble Bubble and Jaw Breakers, which are all childhood favorites of mine). Sugar Stand is an online candy store that stocks more than 2,000 brands of candies including Adams & Brooks, American Licoric, Pez, Jelly Belly and Wonka. I don’t think I have ever seen so many choices at one online site, and with that many options you are bound to find something to cure your sweet tooth too.
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