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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow day

There were several areas here on the East Coast (and south of the Mason Dixon line) that were hit by a little snow. Schools were closed or delayed, cars slid across ice, homeowners had to shovel or use their snow blowers, and children played and constructed snowmen.

Of the pictures below that are taken in two different states, which set of pictures do you think was the location of school closings? (Did that make sense? LOL)

Here in Georgia?

Or in my home state of Maryland?

You'll be surprised to discover that my children were out of school yesterday. Yes, here in Georgia. Isn't that crazy? There was hardly two inches of snow on the ground and cars were sliding in certain areas and schools were closed.

When I've laughed at native Georgians (especially Atlantans) about how silly I think it is to close the schools when the roads are clear, they have went into the "we're not equipped to handle snow" talk. I could understand if there was 10 inches and sheets of ice all over the road.

I guess my seven years of living in Upstate New York has tainted my cold-weather view. :)

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