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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Relunctant rise, sneaky sun

Getting out of the bed this morning took every single piece of effort and strength that I had. I moaned and groaned like a child being forced to take a nasty-tasting medicine. I could hear the rain drip dropping on the roof and feel the damp chill in the air.

Nevertheless I still had to roll out of bed. Despite my best intentions to get up at 5:30, it was 6 o'clock. Shuffling into the bathroom to take care of my business and splash cold water on my face did little to improve my morning mood. However, once I started popping green grapes (my favorite!) into my mouth, fixing the children's breakfast and brewing coffee, I at least felt a little human.

Being a little human is exactly what is needed when one has to spend time with a bunch of little people. Remember two weeks ago when I went on a field trip with my 5-year-old son's class to the library? Well, today was the field trip with my 4-year-old daughter's class to the same library.

I dropped off the baby first and rushed to get the two middle children to school. Since we were a little late I had to take my daughter to the restroom because she missed the time that they go as a class. When she was finished she said, "You're not leaving, are you?"

The brightness in my heart to know that she enjoys having me around during the day made it seem like the sun was brilliantly shining. Especially since I had just spent most of the day at her school on Tuesday during Male Involvement Day.

After helping to clean up breakfast stuff, singing & dancing, doing the morning work and another trip to the restroom, we were finally ready to board the buses for the field trip. (The adventures of boarding the bus is an entirely separate story!)

We arrived for story time a little late, but the children were still able to hear about a story about a kite. Yea, that's all that I know because I had to keep an eye on the children, as one of the chaperons, and I kept losing track in the story. After story time we gathered at a table to help the children make their own kites. (Seems to be the theme of the week, huh?)

While I did help some of the other children with their little projects, I spent most of my time talking to and working with Amareah. And I couldn't resist decorating my own kite. My little girl and I had fun talking about the colors we would use and where we wanted the bows and glitter.

Notice how my kite (on the left) is sporting red glitter lipstick... and Amareah's kite has some lovely mascara-ed eyelashes. She had so much fun decorating the kites that she wants to add more glitter details to her kite at home.

On the return trip, Amareah said she didn't want to go back to school because she wanted to come home with me. When I said she couldn't do that, she said she wanted me to stay at the school with her. Not only did my heart shine brightly this time, but I could hear a little song coming through the clouds.

Aren't we cute? We enjoyed sitting next to each other on the bus back to the school. And, you'll be proud to know, this sometimes impatient mommy didn't even flinch at Amareah's whining about staying with me for the rest of the day.

It's nice to realize that a cloudy, dreary day can still be filled with sunshine and singing birds. Did you see the sunshine today?
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