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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Perfect house plans

I have been careful about my daydreams lately. Given the economy and my personal circumstances, I don't want to spend time visualizing things that may be unrealistic. However, we all know, a good dose of dreaming can do a soul some good.

Today I decided that a good way to dream would be to take a look at a couple of house plans. I am always thinking about what type of home I want to provide for my children and the necessary amenities that the five of us will need. And as my oldest daughter grows up to begin her own life, I think about the type of home I would want her to come home to visit and spend some downtime.

I went to to get an idea of what a search would come up with if I put in my preferences. Imagine my surprise when the parameters I entered - five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a minimum and maximum square footage - turned up one of the types of house I've pictured in my head in the past.

The house, which I believe is one of the country house plans, is beautiful. It has a front porch that spans the entire front of the house and a covered porch in the back, and those are two features I really love. There are nine foot ceilings on the first floor and the kitchen is large with an over-sized island.

The site also includes easy-to-follow information on how to alter your chosen house plans. I may go back later and change my parameters to find the "perfect" house to build. Although I was just doing a little dreaming, I did get to test out this site and found that you can search for just about any type of house plans you want (like a ranch house plan), learn how much it would cost to build that particular house in your area and save your plans for future reference.
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