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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Parties, webcasts & more ... oh my!

Oh my!
It seems like I've already been swamped this week and it's only Tuesday. I guess it just feels that way since I started off the week without Internet thanks to some Internet Explorer drama.

My three younger children came home after a weekend with their dad so they were extra talkative and extra disobedient. My teenager had Calculus tutoring early yesterday evening so it's a little difficult to keep the children occupied and quiet during that time. And today was Male Involvement Day at the younger children's school and we flew kites. Yes, I was at Male Involvement Day because not only is it a day to encourage men in the children's lives to participate in their education, but I am the Parents Committee chairperson and I've been trying to be more active.

This evening is another tutoring session for the teen and I've been clicking away trying to catch up on everything. I've even had time for partying...

Join the party
The Ultimate Blog Party is still going on over at 5 Minutes for Mom. Have you gotten in on the action yet? If not then you're missing tons of great giveaways and the chance to meet a lot of new friends. Oh, if I haven't mentioned it before, you don't have to be a blogger to get in on the fun and win some loot.

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

I'm participating in the party fun by visiting new friends AND giving away a copy of Randy Petrick's book "Money Games" as well as a Baby Signs® Potty Training Complete Starter Kit. Not too long ago I posted information about those giveaways so just read I love to party! to find out exactly what to do.

For UBP first-time visitors, let me tell you a little about myself and this blog. This is a fun place where you will read about my sometimes crazy and often interesting life with my four children ages 17, 5, 4 and a little bit about my pending divorce. I write about health and weight loss issues (mine and others!), compose creative posts (like Monday's Muse) and generally try to provide entertaining, enlightening and educational information.

I've been blogging for almost three years even though I said I've been blogging for one year on a webcast I was interviewed on Sunday evening...

Did you see me?
Just two days ago I was interviewed on NewRoadsVideo about my writing and editing services, my blogs (I have another one called From Toddlers2Teens) and about writing in general. I was so nervous that I was fidgeting under the table.

The few people who saw it said I did well, and since it was my first time I am not going to be too hard on myself except to say I wish I had sat up straighter. LOL.

Don't despair if you missed it; you still have a chance. Watch it by clicking here: Petula on NewRoadsVideo.
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