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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh so random...

Having fibromyalgia really sucks... sometimes some days are worse than others.
If I have to tell my children "no," "stop" or "be quiet" one more time I'm sure the men in white suits will come pick me up after my neighbors hear the screams.
Is there a minimum number of toys children can have? If I throw all of them away except one do you think that's considered neglect? LOL.
The knot on the head of a child does not ensure they "won't do it again."
All of my teenager's chores are miraculously complete when she wants to go out.
I wish bedtime was 6 o'clock instead of 8... Would it be wrong to cover all of my windows with blackout curtains and tell them it's bedtime right after school?
Am I the only mom who hates bedtime routines?
I guess a cup of coffee is not a meal.
I actually saw a help wanted ad for escorts, but unfortunately they only wanted women up to the age of 34. ROF!

Yes, my brain is normally all over the place like this.

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