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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My daughter's senior prom

My 17-year-old daughter Amber is excited about her upcoming senior prom. She's been talking about it for almost five months and started looking at dresses in January. Luckily when she looked at prom dresses for her junior prom last year, we determined which styles look best on her so this time she shouldn't have to try on every single dress.

We decided to go out again tomorrow to look at prom gowns. Well, I guess I should say cocktail dresses since Amber doesn't want to wear a long gown for her prom - no matter how much I beg. She wants to wear a cute little number like she had on last year; however, I did talk her into looking at tea length dresses including those classy ones that train in the back. You know, a sort of asymmetrical look.

Finding the perfect dress for this prom will help to ensure a memorable evening. If she likes how she looks, she'll feel confident and have a lot of fun. Of course, one of the other key ingredient to being comfortable is trying to find a unique cocktail dress that no one else has at this formal event. A dress that would look good on Amber is one with a halter top or backless bodice, fitted waistline and slightly flared skirt.

A lot of the girls are looking for designer dresses - like Sherry Couture, Alyce Designs Black Label Collection and Tony Bowls - that are sometimes made in limited numbers to help ensure individuality. That really adds to the special feel of the evening.

Do you remember your senior prom?


  1. Dress shopping can be so much fun. Good luck. I am sure she will look lovely in what ever you both decided. Remember to take lots of photos so we can see what she looked like on her prom night.

  2. Yeah, but not fondly. If my daughter didn't have friends to go with or someone special, I would advise her not to go just for the sake of going. I did not have fun and I HATED my date by the time the evening was over.

    That said, I hope she has a wonderful time! Can you believe she is so grown up?!!! Wow! Be sure to post photos! And lots of them! (I'm sure she'll love that) :)

  3. I just bought a dress for my daughter's junior/senior prom and she also opted to wear a short dress. It's beautiful and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Yahoo!

  4. I can't wait to see the prom pics!


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