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Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday's Muse: What I see

I've been racking my brain for most of the day trying to think of a topic for Monday's Muse. As a writer, I am constantly thinking of things that fuel stories, ideas, poems, prose... any type of written material.

I didn't realize until today that there are other areas of my creativity that I have been trying to nurture. I've briefly mentioned how I would like to take better photographs. When I see some of the pictures that the talented photographers capture I long to get something half as inspiring, creative and beautiful. Although I am not that great of a photographer, it was something that Jo said in one of her posts that helped me: Try different angles.

Since I read that I've been experimenting. Like with the shot of the bee mounds that are in my yard.

This afternoon I stepped outside when my oldest daughter left to pick up her baby sister; the air in the house was so stuffy. The two middle children followed me out onto the stoop and they began drawing with sidewalk chalk... The urge to capture the moment came over me.

"You want me to take your picture?"

"Yes!" They agreed.

Here are three out of the six or so I captured:

Yesterday when my daughter and I came back from looking at prom dresses I asked her to let me take her picture. I must admit that I am particularly proud of these shots... she's a natural in front of the camera and I felt "inspired!" :D

On the last one, I didn't realize that she was running her fingers through her hair and I caught her hand at a weird angle. In the future, I will inspect the photo more closely to catch stuff like that. But, I still love this one.

Taking pictures is a great way to get my muse going and I realize that my muse may show up for me to draw a picture, create a photo album or scrapbook or snap an impromptu shot with my camera. What I learned is I shouldn't put my muse in a box, she may want to come out and play to do something different today.
Now that I realize that maybe she'll help me come up with a query for a magazine article... What's inspiring you today?
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