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Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday's Muse: Strengths & weaknesses

Interestingly enough, I am inspired by my strengths and weaknesses this week. Okay, I'll tell the truth: I'm really just inspired by a weakness, but it seems so odd to say that I added strengths to sound a little - uh - normal.

Let me explain. Just about every time I read a magazine I peruse the masthead and the contributors' pages to see what the writers have that I don't... as far as experience goes. This is especially important if I see an article that personally affects me. For instance, in the February issue of More magazine there are two highlighted articles that caught my attention: "Reinvent Yourself After 40" and "Health Rules You Can Bend." In the body + soul's March issue it was the content pages blurbs of "The best natural beauty products don't have to cost more..." and "There's no need to travel far and wide when a great vacation can be had right at home."

I should have thought of those articles because all are something I do and/or know something about. And what I didn't know, I could have found out. Let me be clear. It isn't that I think I can do a better job than the person who wrote the article or the editor who came up with the idea, but the fact is I didn't come up with the idea. No matter how many cheap effective beauty products I've bought, I never once thought to query a magazine with the idea. And, I bend some of the health rules that were printed, but once again I missed out because I didn't take something from my real life and come up with an article idea.

This isn't a new weakness. This particular weakness has showed its ugly self at each of the publications where I worked as an editor. I'm superb at catching errors, suggesting artwork and managing a photo shoot. I can research my butt off and write the hell out of a story. (Excuse me, I had to toot my own horn for a minute.) But I am lacking in the original idea area when it comes to magazine articles.

So that got me to thinking. If I can identify all of my weaknesses in my field/career then I can maximize on my strengths. Good idea, huh? I thought so too. Now, if I could only focus long enough to get pass the fact that I'm not good at coming up with ideas that interest magazine editors then I can move on to my next weakness.

I think the next one is procrastination, but I'm hesitant to think about that. LOL... Get it? Hesitant? Oh well, moving on.

Maybe you can participate with me this week and tell me a strength and/or weakness that you have. For that matter stop by Maternal Spark and tell it there too. Enjoy your week.
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