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Monday, March 23, 2009

Internet Explorer drama

Although I spend a lot of time on the computer and think I am fairly proficient at using it, the technical side often gets the best of me. Because of that, I seldom bother with new programs and software without asking my best friend who is a real-life computer nerd.

On Saturday night, after a few hours of work and with a very tired brain, I saw a link on my browser to download Internet Explorer 8. I checked to see what version I had and with the thought that I was being proactive, I clicked and downloaded it. After the process was complete it restarted, but I was ready to go to bed so I shut down and turned. And, I must add, I was feeling quite pleased with myself.

The next day, I tried to get on the Internet, but it wouldn't load. I had an excellent wireless connection, but IE8 wasn't working. I immediately called my BF and we tried un-installing to go back to IE7 with no luck.

My BFF tried helping me by IMing IE7 to see if it would load correctly - to no avail. He suggested different solutions, but we still couldn't find the problem.

Then I IMed (yup, that was working fine) a computer guru who has helped me before. When he finally got in touch with me he couldn't figure out it out either. He tried IMing FireFox to me, (no, I didn't have it) but the transfer kept failing.

So we met today and he loaded FireFox and THANKFULLY I am back online... I'm way behind in work and whatnot. (Did you notice that I haven't done Monday's Muse today?) I haven't gotten the chance to tell you how the Webcast went or had the chance to blog hop and comment.

Well, at least I'm back and you know I'm trying to catch up on everything. I hope your weekend online activities went smoother than mine.


  1. This is why I'm so glad I use a Mac. :)

    Even so, I am very slow to upgrade software just for that very reason. Never know when it's just going to screw your systems all up.

    In fact, I was spooked away from viewing your webcast because I'd have to download a new plugin from Windows Media to watch it. "mmmmm, not tonight."

  2. I/E caused me a lot of problems so I switched to Firefox a long time ago and I love it!

  3. I use the browser Flock.It's my fav.But Firefox is very good too.

  4. A-ha! Now you know the secret: Firefox. Stay away from Exploder, my friend!!


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