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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First time for everything

My health and weight loss journal

The last time I wrote My health and weight loss journal was on March 3 when I told you about how my fibro pain management was going. Only three of you commented so I guess everyone has been as busy as I have. I have to admit that I have been so far behind on so many things that I haven't had a chance to visit some of you who are my favorites. When that happens you know I'm backed up.

Don't be too mad at me, okay?

There is one thing that I have kept a secret for the past two weeks or so. I developed a cold sore on my lip. Now, for some of you, it may not be a big deal. For me, it was like the end of the world. (Yes, I know I can be dramatic.) You see: I've never in my entire life had a cold sore.

It looked like I had some type of contagious cootie or a flesh-eating... okay, okay - no more drama. Because I felt so strongly about getting rid of the sore as soon as possible I bought three lip treatments. Herpecin L, Neosporin LT and Carmex. Luckily, two of them were on sale.

Here is a brief breakdown of what I think of each of them:

Herpecin L: I like this one because it has SPF 30 in it so it's great protection for when I'm out and about. The medicine in the "Lip Protectant & Sunscreen/Cold Sore Lip Balm Stick" was not overpowering and could be applied smoothly. Score: Overall an 8 on a scale of 10.

Neosporin LT: This was the strongest "Lip Protectant/Cold Sure Treatment" ever. The first time I put it on I applied it to both lips and it felt like it seeped into my mouth. And the taste was horrible. Anything I drank or ate had that taste, and I immediately rubbed it off. From then on I only applied it directly to the cold sore and was careful not to get it on the inside of my lips. This one was great at relieving the pain in my lip. Score: 6.8.

Original Carmex: I've heard about this product for years, but had never tried it. I am so glad that I finally did. This "Moisturizing Lip Balm" has a tingly (from the Menthol) feel that immediately soothed my lips, and most importantly, the cold sore. I keep this one in my purse because I like it so much. Score: 10.

Have you ever had a cold sore and, if so, what's your favorite product to treat it?
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