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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fashionable scrubs

Just because you have to wear scrubs everyday does not mean you can't express your style and fashion sense. It will soon be time to shed sweaters and coats to reveal colorful Spring clothing and those who have to wear medical scrubs can explore the wild side of the season with animal print scrubs and nurses can feel fashion forward as well as comfortable in stylish nursing clog shoes.

In fact, with my daughter participating in the medical organization at her school she has been wearing black scrubs when they do blood drives, but for Valentine's Day her boyfriend gave her scrubs with red hearts on them. That was actually the perfect present for her because she really likes to express herself with her clothes. Amber likes to stand out and I can just imagine her in pediatrics, which she wants to do for her career, scouring the scrubs catalog for the perfect set of scrubs that will represent who she is.

Medical professionals, like everyone else, like to look and feel good about themselves. They are sure to purchase some for themselves, but you can let them know you care by giving them the gift of new scrubs from the Scrubs & Beyond 2009 line.
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