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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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When I was a little girl my paternal grandmother began teaching me how to cook. She would tie one of the little pink bib aprons (I still have that apron to this day) around me and we would cook together. The memories of watching and helping her are ones that will never fade.

I wonder if individuals who work in the food services industry, or anywhere else that requires aprons, ever think about the first time they donned one. At iD by Landau companies can really express their corporate identity by ordering chef aprons and pocket aprons for their employees. offers vinyl, long, nylon and tuxedo style aprons - among others. With all the different colors and styles available, along with the functionality and trendsetting styles, it's easy for a company to present the right image to their clients and customers. It's also easy to induce fond memories - and perform well at a job - when you're wearing high-quality work wear.

If your company, or a company that you’re aware of, needs to update their aprons or purchase new ones then have them go to to view what’s available. iDbyLandau is a company that provides worldwide and quality services for their customers.
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