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Monday, February 23, 2009

You're not going to believe it...

... or maybe you will.

Anna has another ear infection! It's only been about four weeks since the last one, which was in both ears. The doctor also said she may have an upper respiratory infection (fancy term for cold) because of her cough. I asked if she could have sinus problems and allergies that's causing the problems. She said yes and that after we clear up this infection, which is just in one ear, then we'll monitor her closely. If it's nasal related then mucus draining would cause the cough and could be pooling in her ears causing ear infections.

Her dad, who the younger children were with this weekend, said she was fussy and grumpy all weekend. She's been like that most of today too, which is really tiring. Not only is she fussy because of not feeling well, but she wouldn't stay asleep during her nap so she's nice and sleep deprived.

Out in public she's almost a perfect angel. While we waited in the pediatrician's office today, she was all smiles. Back at home, she whined, cried and screamed. I took out the camera to catch her in action, but each time I did she stopped immediately and said, "Cheese."

I even tried to be sneaky and turn the camera on when she wasn't paying attention, but as soon as I pointed it at her she stopped her antics. I gave up trying...

I did capture a few tears in her eyes in these two photos. You can see them, right?

I am amazed how she can pull out an immediate smile. Who taught her how to say cheese anyway?

I did not put those butterflies in her hair... her siblings were nice enough to do that and she refused to let anyone take them out. Well, normally I wouldn't care if she refused because I would just take them anyway because there are my second daughter's, BUT I didn't want any extra screaming during Amber's Calculus tutoring.

This may be the closest I ever get to catching her crying. See how her eyebrows are wrinkled? That was her frowning during a screaming session and this picture is the result of my sneak attack.

I think she decided not to get caught again after the last time I showed her a picture of her crying. I have decided that I will have to stalk her - sneak around behind her and catch her in action. Are you ready to see the real Anna? Muhahahaha!
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