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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day with the kids

I must admit that Valentine's Day isn't really my favorite holiday. My favorite color is red, my favorite symbol is the heart and I am absolutely a flower and chocolate freak. All of the signs of Valentine's Day.

It all started when I was a teenager in high school and we gave each other candy grams or flowers or whatever. I hardly ever received anything. Girls would come to school empty handed and leave with giant stuffed animals, candy or dozens of flowers. I always felt crappy that no boy ever thought enough of me to give me something. Well, there was my junior year when my boyfriend bought me the cutest, biggest bear... that was nice.

As I got a little older Valentine's Day came and went with little excitement for me. I would be such a scrooge when I'd walk into a store and see all the red and hearts everywhere. Yuck, I'd think.

While married, my husband always made Valentine's Day special and I came to appreciate the holiday. I'm glad I finally do because my children have made this Valentine's Day one to remember and they didn't have to deal with the Valentine scrooge that I used to be.

The day started yesterday (Friday) when Andre and Amareah came home from school and Andre said that he had a gift for me. I didn't want to ruin it for him and tell him it wasn't Valentine's Day yet because he was so excited. When he gave me my gift, which is the first Valentine's Day gift I've received from my son, I was so happy. It is one of the best gifts I've ever received. One, because he was so proud of it. Two, because he is my only son. Three, because it was given from a pure heart.

It's a milk-carton basket covered with red tissue paper hearts and a sheer red ribbon as the handle. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. His card was wrapped in pink tissue paper.

He signed his name and everything. Just looking at it makes me smile and the fact that it means so much to him. Today, he even asked me where I was keeping it. I think I am going to ask him where he wants me to keep it so he knows how extremely special I think it is.

A week or more ago my teen aged daughter asked me to be her Valentine. She actually chose to spend the day with me (and her younger siblings) instead of going out with her friends and hanging with her boyfriend.

She gave me this cute little bag and balloon. What's in the bag? Heart-shaped Dove chocolates, and boy are they yummy.

I enjoyed shopping for the kids. My idea to give them flowers started with the fact that I wanted to get my 4-year-old daughter (my sunflower) flower(s). She is always asking to buy flowers, but I don't always have the money or want to spend it on that. So instead of buying her some that would die, I found the perfect solution.

This is the Valentine stash:
Each of their bags had a little gift in it along with the flowers, which are different because if they aren't they'd argue about which one belongs to whom. I would have gotten the teenager one, but there were only three different kinds.

It's funny how I always start talking about something and don't expect to write a lot, but I guess I get a little excited. I have to say that this was a very pleasant Valentine's Day. Even though my children can be naughty, it's nice to be surrounded by their pure and unconditional love... Hmmm?? Pure and unconditional, that's the true meaning, huh?

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