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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time to come clean

I have a secret. I guess it could be considered a secret addiction. It's something I've been hiding, but I think I'm going to come clean:

"Hi, my name is Petula and I'm a sugarholic."

You're laughing, aren't you?

It's something that's kind of snuck up on me. I mean, me - the health and weight loss journal person - has been getting sugar fixes throughout the day.

The addiction has grown from a small fix or two of dark chocolate during the day and maybe one large cup of coffee to a minimum of four large cups of coffee (16 ounces each, two caffeinated and two decaf) and possibly a cup of regular tea. Yup, a large cup.

I'll even have an extra slice of raisin bread with honey. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but the serving size is two and I normally have less than the serving size or no more than that. How do you think I've been losing weight? I've been obsessed with counting calories. Now, I'm obsessed with hoping that the extra sugar doesn't cause weight gain... and more GASP! fat.

Even with all of the worrying, I still can't stop.

It's getting so bad that when I rushed into CVS yesterday to grab some Blistex lip ointment I also came out with bubblegum, which I scored for 88 cents. I never buy gum unless it is to keep my breath fresh. (Another obsession albeit a very good one.) Bubblegum is only good for about 10 minutes nowadays so once the sugary flavor is gone then I spit it out. Well, only after some public attempts to blow bubbles and appear to be actually enjoying the gum.

I mean, what if people found out? I actually have two fixes while I am driving the children from school. Maybe two pieces of gum or a cup of coffee on the way. I don't know... Maybe I should call Dr. Phil. He sends addicts to great rehab centers so I am sure he'll have a plan for me.

Okay, I can't keep this up any longer. If you're reading this seriously then I think you should call Dr. Phil. I am just kidding around. Well, I have been eating too much sugar, but the silliness of this post has made it funny to me.

Wish me luck in cutting back. Oh, and don't tell Amber or my BFF (Hi, Frankie! BIG GRIN) 'cause I'll get in trouble.
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