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Monday, February 16, 2009

R u kidding me?

I seem to recall last Monday being a little hectic and tiring, and I started off the week trying to catch up. That's the reason why you haven't seen me around a lot. The kids and myself had a great weekend except when my son got sick on Saturday night. It started Friday night with coughing, but I didn't think much of it until he threw up on Saturday evening.

A fever has come and gone and come and gone (etc.!) ever since. I decided to take him to the pediatrician today (especially since his fever kept returning when the meds wore off) because I looked at tomorrow's schedule and saw a morning GI appointment for my teenager as well as her Calculus tutoring in the early afternoon.

I took Amber and Amareah with me. While there the doctor noticed his throat was red and all of his symptoms fit a strep throat diagnosis. Ut oh, I thought, but consoled myself that none of the kids have ever had strep throat. (Uh... well, maybe Amber has but I don't recall.) She had Amber and Amareah swabbed too.

The results: Andre and Amareah have strep throat - Amareah even has the red marks on her throat). Oh no! Amber was happy to know she was strep free and made plans to go out with her friends. (Lots of sympathy, huh? LOL)

The pediatrician said that although it's unlikely that Anna has it I should still bring her in. When? Yup, tomorrow. So I will be running and ripping to make it to appointments, take care of two sick children, get them fed and keep them warm and get everything done.

Can you say: Are you getting behind again? I don't even have to answer that, do I? Especially since I spent about two hours at the pediatrician's office this afternoon.

I guess no amount of sanitizing, hand washing and disinfectant spraying can always keep your kids from getting sick. Somehow Andre got the little bugger and generously passed it onto his sister. Hopefully just one sister. And, in case you are wondering: My throat hurts too. BIG SIGH! :(
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