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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Put the money somewhere else

There's something that has been bugging me for quite some time. I don't think about it much until I read something in a magazine, hear it on the radio or see a commercial on television. What is the deal with organizations putting funds into - what I consider - unnecessary research studies?

For instance, I'll see a magazine blurb that reads something like, 'In a recent research study of 200 participants, researchers discovered that the color blue calmed 98 percent of the group.' Are you kidding me? We're still searching for cures for cancers and fatal diseases and we're putting money into that.

Please tell me that I am clueless and that these studies actually don't use any money so nothing is going to waste. If they use the money that I think they are - including paying research participants, purchasing supplies and compensating study monitors - then I think the funds can be put to something of more importance. Like a cure for breast cancer or better heart disease monitoring for women ... a cure for AIDS. I mean, I could go on.

Like one of my favorite people (Tammy) often says: "I'm just saying!"
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