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Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday's Muse - An original

"What do you think about your creativity? How does it feel. What does it do?
Think about what your creativity would be like as a person. What attributes does that person have?"

Those are the questions that Heather - over at Maternal Spark (the home of Monday's Muse) - posed today. My brain has been churning around my Monday's Muse post all day and I was a little uncertain concerning what I was going to write today, but when she asked these questions I thought I would use them to fuel me.

I looked up creativity in the thesaurus... (Okay, technically, I went to and this is a part of what it said:

"cleverness, genius, imagination, imaginativeness, ingenuity, inspiration, inventiveness, originality, resourcefulness, talent, vision"

Hmm? ... What do I think about my creativity? Firstly, I thought about previous Monday's Muse posts that I've written, but that didn't give me an idea of what I think about my creativity. So that meant I had to think. (Oh drat! LOL)

I think my creativity is varied and vast. I have ideas for inventions, books, companies and crafts. I can come up with a magnificent poem, draw an interesting picture or fumble through a craft, but I'm smart enough to know where my talent/gifts are and that marks the true nature of my creativity.

When I'm creating it pulls from me, drains out of me, flows through me and when it is complete then I am free. It's a release that often leaves me satisfied and proud. If it were a person, say my alter ego, her name would be Renee. She's brash, sophisticated, confident, beautiful, rich (in spirit and thought), sensitive and sexy. There's a quickness about her and an internal editor who keeps her on track. With all of that, she's still humble and hard on herself behind closed doors because realistically creativity can never, ever always be the same. So that makes her ever changing... evolving... into the exact person she needs to be at the time.

Turn on your creativity today!


  1. Wow interesting!!!! Keep up the creative and excellent work!!

  2. great post. Really enjoyed your last paragraph- well spoken

  3. Sorry I didn't make it by yesterday - what a great post. It is a release isn't it? I think I really like your Renee. Might have to design an alter ego of my own :)

  4. I have never felt very creative. Maybe a little with cooking but other than that no. Then once I started reading blogs I felt even more so!!!!

    Great post!


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