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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good & bad quickies

Good news: The baby doesn't have strep throat.
Bad news: She's still naughty.

Good news: The two middle children are no longer contagious.
Bad news: They were fighting at 7:30 this morning.

Good news: I don't think I have strep throat.
Bad news: I have a sinus infection.

Good news: I covered another shoebox with construction paper.
Bad news: I accidentally spilled a large amount of Elmer's glue on the carpet and didn't notice it 'til 20 minutes later.



  1. oh no what a mix of good and bad! but pleased about the good news for you!

  2. LOL this is funny Pet!
    Glad about the good news too!

  3. lol. This is a funny post. Glad about the good new.

  4. i have an award for you mate x

  5. funny! Sinus infections aren't great either. I am behind on commenting so I will say that I hope you got over it quickly!


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