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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where's my mind?

My health and weight loss journal

To say that my memory is good probably wouldn't be the truth. In fact, I've been trying to figure out how long a new mom can claim momnesia. Let's see, my youngest child won't be 2 until the end of May and "experts" say that a mother's hormones really don't start getting back in order until after the first year... If you add on the medications that I'm taking and my lack of sleep, I think another two years of momnesia is in order.

{Chuckle.} What do you think?

Seriously though: For the past eight to 10 months I've weighed myself on a regular basis. At first I was weighing myself everyday and then about six months ago I switched to weekly weigh ins on Tuesdays (which is when I'm supposed to post my health and weight loss journal), but for the past three weeks I've forgotten.

I've been maintaining my weight so it isn't an unconscious avoidance. I've worked out everyday of the New Year except yesterday (it's tough finding time now that everyone is back on their regular schedules after the holidays); so I'm not quite sure where my mind has been.

My goal this year is to workout more whether it's riding my exercise bike (I did that today!), enjoying my daughter's dance pad, sweating to aerobics or toning with yoga; I am determined to get tone, fit and healthy. I decided on this goal because last year I lost 34 pounds and I am now at a stand still; a plateau. *I haven't lost any weight in about a month (and the last weight loss was due to the stomach flu!) and simply counting calories isn't working.

I'm hoping that I don't begin gaining weight like I did the last time I started working out regularly, but this time instead of giving up right away I'll keep at it to see how my weight is and my body looks after about 30 days.

*I know you may be thinking: So, the Sensa that she's using isn't working? Well, I can't blame the Sensa for my lack of weight loss or make an accurate assessment as to its effectiveness. Why? Because (and this goes back to my sudden, worsening momnesia) I rarely remember to use it.

I don't like admitting that, but what's a girl to do short of taping the little container to my forehead so the presence of it reminds me to use it. (Hey, you may want to check out Tammy at Mom Knows Everything, she's using Sensa too and I heard that she's losing weight!)

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